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Your Erotic and Mind Blowing Tournament in Bed – Female Escorts In Perth

Whenever the World Cup is coming, no one could really ignore its presence. Restaurants and bars are suddenly filled with football fanatics claiming ties with every country, from Greece to Argentina. SUVs adorned with flags will parade the streets and Brazilian bikini bods will appear in the unlikeliest of places.

Female Escorts in PerthNevertheless as a simple civilian, you don’t get a chance to play with these football stars. For that reason, the Female Escorts In Perth will let you focus on something else rather than wishing you’re in the tournament itself. Don’t worry, this is certainly beneficial for your side. They will help you take a big step and incorporate the game with a beautiful and sensual act.

So here are the most inspiring and doable World Cup sex positions.

The Lionel Messy

Lionel Messi is indeed one of the best players on the planet because of his smooth as silk playing style and a tendency to shamble his opponents. So to honour this Argentinian soccer god in bed, the first thing to do is let your partner lie down on the finest silk sheet.

Of course, you need a few cups of chimichurri (Argentina’s national condiment). Lather her body with these mixed herbs while the two of you are acting like the real players in bed.

Bend her like Beckham

As we all know, David Beckham is popular for bending balls at will over the pitch. For that, it’s quite possible that he’s also adept in bending his perfect hot wife all over the bedroom. So be like Becks, bend your horny partner over an ottoman or something similar. Just make sure that this will give you a clear view of her tight ass and pussy.

However, this might be the position that the hot couple used to conceive their three kids. So if you’re not wishing to have a little dribble on the way, then it would be best to wear your protection!

The hand of god

It was all over the news when Maradona scored this famous goal through an illegal use of the hand. So to punish your woman, handcuff her to the bed and use both of your manly hands to give her a mind-blowing experience. Let one hand gently massage her clitoris while the other penetrates her vagina. When done correctly, the results will surely be as controversial as the real news!

The full back

For those people whose soccer vocabulary is still new, then you need to know that a full back in European football transcribes to a defender. As they say in professional sports, the best defence is a good defence. On that note, bend your sexual lover over and give her the full back treatment! If she’s open, you can combine it with anal sex, your fingers in her vagina and your hard dick is thrusting in her back hole!

The slide tackle

One of the most violent plays in football is the slide tackle, lucky for you it’s different in this case. Since this is all about sexual pleasure, this is totally acceptable in bed. Start by oiling your partner’s entire body and slowly slide your penis down her body, until she is begging you to slide it in her vagina. Surely her orgasm will hit the high notes!

Are you excited to have your very own football match in bed? Do you want to receive the most satisfying pleasure? Then stop wasting your time! Go directly to the gallery of Female Escorts In Perth and choose your sexual partner now! No doubt that you’ll have the best experience of your life, out-of-this-world positions with continuous orgasms!


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