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Foot Fetish + Sex = The “Foot Job”

hjGMWRIXbQMAmong the hundreds, if not thousands of fetishes, perhaps one of the weirdest and the most bizarre is the “foot job”.   It’s because why should someone consider the feet as something horny, or sexually enticing? Well, a foot fetishist doesn’t just love paying attention of caressing and feeling the feet, but also feels a deeper desire to kiss and even have sex with it. Here’s a glimpse at the funny, and weird side, of foot jobs.

The Foot Job’s Different Variants

Sexual fantasies about the person’s feet form a large part of the foot fetishist’s daily routine, and the best part is getting their genitals caressed or stroked by the person’s feet.  The practice involves one’s feet being stroked or rubbed by someone else in order to produce sexual stimulation, as well as an orgasm. A foot job is generally done on men, with the spouse or girlfriend (or the lovely Female Escorts in Perth) using their feet and toes to rub/stroke the genital area.

In a “toejob”, one partner uses his or her toes to rub/stroke the penis of their partner, and places the shaft or glans of the male penis between their big toe and second toe.  In the “solejob” the person uses the soles of their feet to rub/stroke the other’s penis.  In “stepping”, one person applies soft pressure to the other’s penis, by stepping on it, and it can be done barefoot or with shoes/socks.

How To Give The Best Foot Job

If your partner’s beginning to demand that you give them a “foot job”, don’t be too shocked, because foot jobs are quite common these days. But to do it right, here are a couple of helpful ideas.  First, the girl (or guy) should rub their feet over the guy’s penis, to make sure they’re in good shape, and there are no callouses or brittle parts on the feet.

Girls (or guys) could also try shaving or waxing their feet, because smooth feet and toes are definitely much better than hairy ones. Just make sure you clip your nails, because long nails could scrape and injure the shaft.

The next step would be to use a lot of lubricant. Since the feet are not as frisky or athletic as the hands, hence you’ll have less control over them. A silicone-based lubricant is the best thing to use, because it has a longer effect, and it can effectively make the guy cum while you stroke your foot on his shaft. And while your feet are working on his boner, you’re still free to kiss, lick or talk dirty to him. This should perhaps turn him on faster, and give him a more explosive orgasm.

Another way to give the best foot job would be to start somewhere else, instead of going straight to the penis. You could place your feet on his thighs, and slowly rub his legs. This will most likely drive the guy wild with frenzy and anticipation, as you slowly move your feet closer to his shaft. The foot job could either be part of the foreplay, or it could be the main event too.

So if you wish to ask your wife (or preferred Female Escorts in Perth) to give you a foot job, first ask them if they’ve ever done such a thing before. If they say yes (and they like the idea of you releasing your cum on their feet), then you’re one lucky guy!

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