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Female Escorts in Perth – What Really Matters to Her Down There

Humans have a tendency to worry – there’s no denying it. For example, women may often worry about looking sexy enough, or as appealing as the lovely babes with Female Escorts in Perth. On the other hand, men will often worry about how the ladies see their cocks. If you’re one such bloke, remember that no two dicks are the same.

Also, some escorts have confessed that, though women are mildly interested in finding out how big a bloke’s dick is, she’s not fixated on it. What really matters to her is your chemistry and – if she’s looking for a long-term partner – how good a boyfriend you’ll

Of course, once you have sex, her passing interest will increase. Then you’ll want to make sure she won’t have second thoughts about your package. To ensure she doesn’t change her mind completely, here’s what women are actually on the lookout for.

  1. Appearance. There’s no such thing as a truly perfect dick, but if you know yours looks somewhat unusual, it’ll help to give her advance warning. Maybe it curves more than a little to the left when erect, or the head is noticeably bigger than the shaft. Either way, telling her in advance will help to avoid the awkwardness that comes with a surprise reveal.
  1. Girth. Size isn’t just about length – it’s about width, too. For women, this is usually the selling point, because the thicker the dick, the better it’ll be at helping her get off. She’ll be sure to remember you fitting just right, enough to hit all the right spots.
  1. Hygiene. It’s true that some women don’t like their men to be too fussy about their privates, but the least you can do is trim or shave the hair down there so it doesn’t get out of hand. That’s because if there’s something of a bush, she’s not likely to put her mouth anywhere near there. The same goes for if things don’t smell quite right.

The bottom line is, make sure you observe proper hygiene, and clean up your groin area as needed.

There are other things she looks out for, but these three are the most important. Just remember these, and you won’t always have to browse the gallery at Female Escorts in Perth to keep you company. Of course, if you don’t have a committed partner, go ahead and browse away.


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