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Female Escorts in Perth | Sex Laws And Regulations That Go From Amazing To The Absurd

vBAdVA47ZCgMany of us think that the most repressive country in the world is either North Korea or Iran, and perhaps the areas ruled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Well, that could be true, especially when it comes to the oppression of basic freedoms and liberties. But if you were asked which country regulates sexual behaviour the most, well, it’s the United States of America. The US has actually more laws governing sexual behaviour than the EU, or even Australia and New Zealand combined. Here’s a sampling of sex laws in the US that go from funny, to outright absurd.

Some Us Towns & Cities Ban Couples From Getting Too Mushy

In some US cities and towns, the laws governing sexual behaviour even impede on the right of married couples to lavish each other with affection, or even have sex on certain occasions. Thank God, they haven’t banned single guys and girls from calling hot and sexy Female Escorts in Perth, to rev-up their lonely nights!

In Ames, Iowa, it’s illegal for a man to take more than 3 swallows of beer, while holding his wife in his arms in bed. Husbands in Alexandria, Arizona are even banned from having sex with their wives if their breath reeked of onion, garlic and sardines!

In Willowdale, Oregon, husbands may even be fined if they talk dirty during intercourse, however their wives can say whatever they like. An old law in the sunny state of Florida even banned guys from kissing their wife’s breasts!

Some US Towns Have “Time Limits” For Making Out

Some towns and cities in the US even have laws stating how long couples should publicly display affection, or even make out. In Idaho state, couples are not allowed to engage in any type of public display of attention for more than eighteen minutes.

In Iowa, couples only have five minutes to make out, but in Halethorpe, Maryland, it’s unlawful to smooch for more than a second. There was even an old law in California which stated that it’s illegal for either partner to reach climax before the other, during foreplay! Well, I hope they shot down the law right after it was passed (or perhaps someone shot the lawmaker already).

Some Areas Have Sex Laws That Are Totally Absurd

There are a couple of towns and cities in the US where the lawmakers have either gone back to the Stone Age, or have become nuts. For example, there’s a law in Pennsylvania where 120 men can live together, but 16 or more women cannot, because it would already be considered a “brothel”.

Here’s a more absurd stuff. In Florida it was once illegal to have sex with a porcupine (which of course, is still illegal today, because it’s called zoophilia), while in Minnesota guys and girls cannot have sexual relations with a live fish (that’s unless ladies use live fish as vibrators!).

If you’re planning to visit the US soon, it would be nice if you do research first on the laws and ordinances of the places you’d be visiting. Certainly, certainly don’t want to be jailed for cavorting with your spouse in public, or ogling at women, or having sex with porcupines.

But why risk getting tangled in some freaky sex-related offence some place else,  when you can have the best erotic experiences here at home, just by checking out the galleries of Female Escorts in Perth?

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