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Female Escorts in Perth – Enjoy Yourself More By Lasting Longer in Bed

There’s no bloke on earth who wants to be known as the one who cums early. You wouldn’t be proud of reaching your climax a minute or less after penetrating your partner, right? The gorgeous vixens at Female Escorts in Perth know this, and they have some secrets to helping blokes last longer in bed.

  1. Breathe. This is the simplest thing you can do to ensure your pace doesn’t get too fast, therefore keeping you from blowing your load early on. You can make this move more intimate by looking into your partner’s eyes and synchronizing your breathing with hers.

www.femaleescortsinperth.comNot only does this make you feel more connected, but by focusing on her breathing and timing yours to hers, you can tell when she’s close to her own climax. This makes it easier for you to steady your pace, adds one escort, and helps make sure you don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Since you’re not rushing, you’ll both be sure to have your fun, and you’ll both come, eventually.

  1. Masturbate. Another escort adds that getting your rocks off before getting it on with your lovely partner. This eases the pressure on you because, when you orgasm once, the actual thing becomes more about the journey and enjoying it, rather than getting to the destination.

Help her get off a few times or make it easier for her to come by taking more than 10 minutes on foreplay. Really teasing her means she’s more likely to climax when you finally get to the main course, so you don’t have to last as long as you think.

  1. Change things up. Boredom shouldn’t be a part of your sex life, so don’t be content with just hitting the same spots and using the same pace each and every time. Changing positions forces you to slow down and helps keep you from coming too soon. Just make sure you don’t try a new position when she’s close to finishing, because she won’t appreciate the frustration.

They say that practice makes perfect, and that’s definitely true when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Train yourself to last longer, either with your partner or with one of the lovely courtesans from Female Escorts in Perth, and you’ll really have your bedroom fun without any worries.


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