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Female Escorts in Perth – 4 Common Sex Dreams and What They Really Mean

Have you ever had a “wet dream” or a dream about sex, or anything sexually-related? If you’ve ever had dreams of having sex with your teacher, or worse your cousin, then don’t have sleepless nights constantly thinking about it, because it could just be your mind playing on you, or you’ve just been through a tired and stressful day! Here’s a look at 4 of the most common sex dreams, and what they really mean.

Experiencing an Actual
Have you ever dreamed of experiencing an actual orgasm? Well, if you’ve had these types of dreams already, perhaps it would be nice to compare sleazy dreams with your hookup partner, or with your favourite Female Escorts in Perth!

Dreaming about sex can actually increase vaginal lubrication in women and enlarge their clitoris, while men usually jerk off even when they’re asleep. If your sex dreams happens to coincide with the time that you’re experiencing what they call “REM sleep”, you’re really in for a treat!

Sex With A Co-worker You Hate
If you’ve just dreamed of having sex with a co-worker you either hate, or just can’t stand being with, then it simply means that you’re either super jealous of his or her work-related talents and skills, or frustrated that they are excelling a work, and you aren’t!

Having Gay Sex But You’re Straight
If you just had a dream of having sex with a guy, and you’re 100% straight, don’t go wild and think that you’re turning gay! The dream could simply mean that you are becoming very comfortable with your body, and tolerant about your beliefs, morals and values as a person.

Your dream could also be a reflection of your adventurous and wild side as a parent, spouse, employee or sibling.

Sex With A Best Friend
If you just dreamed of having sex with your best friend, of course it would be normal for you to feel a bit weird. However, dream experts say that fantasies like these come and go when there’s a personality trait you really admire that your best friend has.

But if you constantly dream of going to bed with the hot and sexy Female Escorts in Perth, perhaps it’s high time that you give them a call, and go on a real date!


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