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Female Escorts in Perth – 3 Ways Evolution Designed Our Body to Be Good at Sex

If you think that your ever-increasing sexual prowess or energy is due to some technological advancement, think again, because we were all actually hardwired to be good at sex, from Day One of human civilization! Perhaps the only thing we should be thankful for science is that we are slowly figuring out each of the oddities that survived natural selection, and have made our sex lives more fun and interesting. Here’s a look at 3 ways evolution designed our body to be good at sex.

Monogamy Enables Us to Evade Deadly Diseases Like AIDS

Monogamy is a practice that most of us take for granted as natural or “traditional”. It is defined as “the practice or state of being married to one person at a time”, or “the practice of having a sexual relationship with only one partner”.  But if you don’t give a crap about monogamy, who’s stopping you from having a lot of fun in bed tonight with the lovely Female Escorts in Perth?

www.femaleescortsinperth.comA group of Canadian and German researchers investigate monogamy further, and they concluded that in advanced agricultural societies, sexually-transmitted infections could spread rapidly enough to wipe out entire communities. However, the diseases could be contained if mating was limited to two partners, Thus, societies which favoured monogamy would have a more clear advantage!

Masturbation is a Cleverly-Designed Sperm Refresher Mechanism

Masturbation is often viewed in a cheesy manner, or even a flaw in the reproductive system, as well as a form of cheating game. And if you think that jerking off only wastes precious sperm, the truth is that sperm actually has a Best By date, which is around a week or so.

And sperm that is a few weeks or months old can actually lead to some serious health risks to the person carrying it. This explains why animals like mice expel it from their bodies with urine every few days to keep things fresh (which is exactly what human males do if they abstain!).

The Human Penis Is a Scooper for Rival Semen

For dudes who are worried about their spouses cheating on them, perhaps this fact should cheer them up a bit, because the little mushroom cap on top of the penis (which is called the “glans”) allows a thrusting male to scoop out any unfamiliar sperm or baby matter before it reaches the cervix!

So, instead of sulking at your perceived sexual flaws, why not celebrate the joys of sex more frequently, perhaps with the hot and sexy Female Escorts in Perth!

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