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Female Escorts in Perth – 3 Frothy & Frisk Facts About Nipples

Nipples – we all have them. For many of us, this body part actually serves as a secondary erogenous zone (although it plays a more prominent role for women), which means that stimulating this zone can send ripples of pleasure right down to the genitals. Here are a couple of frothy and frisky facts about nipples, especially for those who don’t have any idea about them yet.

In Women, Nipples Are Milk-Producing Regions

Do you giggle, and grin with delight whenever you get a chance to check out your favourite Female Escorts in Perth‘s well-endowed boobs? Well anyway, according to scientists and health experts, the scientific term for having nipples is “mammillated”. And each nipple has around fifteen to twenty tiny openings, some of which connect to milk ducts (especially for women) and some connect to the Montgomery Glands (which produce a protective, white and oily lubricant for the skin).

No Two Nipples Are Alike

Although they may look the same on the outside, the truth is that no two nipples are ever alike. This means that the two nipples on your body may not be a mirror image of each other, which means that while one of the areolas (or the large outer rings) features a pinkish hue, the other could be much darker.

Ladies Can Grow Hairs Around Their Nipples

If you think that it’s just men who can grow hairs around their body, even in their nipples, nope you’re wrong. In fact, women can grow hairs around their nipples, as our entire bodies are covered in fine, almost invisible hair, and sometimes a woman will have much darker hairs that look like very little eye lashes on the areola outer edge.

While erect nipples almost always draw a man’s attention, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your girlfriend, hookup partner or preferred  Female Escorts in Perth is sexually aroused. It’s because nipples become erect for a couple of reasons, many of which are not sexual in nature (like when she feels cold, or gets a tingling sensation from her clothing!).

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