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Building a Good RelationshipWith an Escort

Just because you meet the escort the first time and pay her for the service doesn’t mean you own her.  Many men think that booking an escort—or even hiring a prostitute– gives them a right to treat her as his slave.  Remember that it’s the service that you’re paying and not her as a person.  Regardless of how long and how much you pay doesn’t give you the right to treat her wrong.

That’s why you should treat an escort with respect.  Be a gentlemen when being with her. An escort despite of the nature of her job deserves care.

If you want to build a good relationship with an escort you should be able to make good conversations with her. Not necessarily about sex, but about some interesting things. Treat her as a friend. You should be the one who make the first move in starting a good conversation. You should be the one who will act friendly to her and not the other way around.

Break the sexual tension between you and her. Get rid of the awkward silence between the two of you.

At first you can tell her about yourself, who you really are, what you do for a living, and some little details about your personal life. And then you can ask information about her, her hobbies, her passions, or perhaps things that she likes most. Show attention to her when she talks. Show some interest and listen to the things she says. This way she’ll know that you’re an interesting person to be with.

Women liked to be listened to other than to being admired that they’re beautiful and intelligent. Be attentive to the details she says about herself.

Doing these things above will surely let you build a good relationship with an escort.

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