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Bedroom Tips That Actually Work

Many people today love getting advice on how to improve their sex game, so it’s not surprising that there are quite a few websites or blogs dedicated to this. Whether you have a committed partner, or sometimes hire female escorts in Perth, you, too, would want to improve your bedroom performance.


www.femaleescortsinperth.comOf course, such sex tips aren’t always centred on sexual performance. Some are health-related, and it just so happened that sex was involved in some way, or else concentrate on a successful hook-up. That said, here are some of those tips, which you may have heard about but didn’t know actually worked.


  1. Get enough Vitamin D. A lack of this vitamin can actually affect your testosterone levels in a negative way, leading to a lower sex drive. So if you’re worried about lasting long enough in bed to get her to feel the pleasure, too, make sure you’re getting enough sun.


Just make sure you’re not out there in late morning to early morning, because that sunlight does more harm than good, as far as your skin is concerned.


  1. Red is attractive. It may be a warm colour to wear, particularly during really hot weather, but studies have shown that people – both male and female – find it sexy and alluring. Even with animals, you can see that some use red in their mating displays. The female specimens usually end up picking the male with a brighter or more vibrant shade of red.


Humans typically associate the colour with power and status in some way, so if you want a power colour that makes you a human magnet, ditch black and don something red instead.


  1. Have an orgasm, get rid of a headache. You may have heard of people saying they have a migraine or headache to get out of having sex. But did you know orgasming can actually relieve the pain of a headache, if not get rid of it entirely? That’s because the endorphins released when you release helps to ease the pain.


  1. Cinnamon and lavender can help you last longer. Lavender has long been believed to be an aphrodisiac scent. In fact, sprigs of it used to be placed under a couple’s pillows to encourage sex during their honeymoon. Cinnamon, on the other hand, can increase blood flow to the genitals.


Combine both scents, and you have something of a size boost plus higher libido, leading to better endurance in bed.


  1. Get energised with peppermint. You’ve read that popping a mint into your mouth before giving someone oral sex creates pleasurable tingling sensations. In this case, the scent can boost your energy levels, leading to you lasting longer. The same scent also makes partners more open to trying new things.


So if you want your partner – not one of the female escorts in Perth you found online – to, say, even consider anal sex, lighting a peppermint scented candle or two could help.


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