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Are You Aware Of These Sex Inventions of Not Too Long Ago?

Have you ever wondered how this age of advanced technology has greatly helped people of this generation? With all the modern inventions, life has been made comfortable for sure, not only on the aspects of jobs, careers and household chores, even on the sex life department!

For there already have been amazing creations that can truly enhance sexual satisfaction. Though the seductive Female Escorts in Perth are not technical “inventions” yet, they have since been around to provide different types of men a different kind of satisfaction in bed! Do you still remember the sexiest inventions of the recent past?

LoveJet 69
Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu of Japan, popularly known as Dr. Nakamats, has invented the floppy disk, a self-defence wig having a built-in shuriken and most importantly, a sex potion that promises the user orgasmic pleasures as well as a prolonged life!

Called LoveJet 69, the potion is actually a non-oral liquid gel applied to the genitalia of women and men. Then, it triggers the secretion of a hormone known as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). With its anti-aging properties, it’s regarded as the ‘youth hormone’. Besides delaying the ageing process, the DHEA is touted to be responsible for better memory, learning ability, improved skin and muscles, as well as preventing cancer, rheumatism and osteoporosis.

The 88-year old inventor claims that it poses no health hazard to the human body plus no side effect like Viagra. He assured couples that foreplay is no longer necessary to get into the fiery mood once the said commodity is used. Search the potion online and see for yourself.

Spray-on Condoms
Another notable and controversial invention in 2010 was the spray-on condom designed by student Michele Chu at the Pratt Institute, for the Girlplay condom company. Chu’s concept is that the condom coming from an aerosol spray can is sprayed to the penis on all sides, just as you would with a spray-on bandage or as you spritz water all over your car in the carwash!

A few years back, Jan Vinzenz Krause, a German entrepreneur and sexual health educator already had the concept and was close to putting such product on the market. Unluckily, he abandoned the idea but instead, proceeded to selling condoms of different sizes online.

Whether it’s a love potion or a spray-on condom you’re starting to use, always remember – think safety first, because the alluring Female Escorts in Perth are noted for their safe and satisfying sexual practises!


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