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4 Lustful Tips For A Steamy Shower Sex

ve3wieSjKBgProbably, most of us have been fantasising of shower sex, but in reality, it’s not that easy to achieve. Confronting with various heights and perilous surfaces could be a little scary (not to mention the risk as well), yet when you really do get it down there, the results are mind-bending.

The young and hot Female Escorts in Perth believe that having a steamy shower session is an incredible way to transcend the typical lovemaking routine. Having the sensation of hot or cool water running over your bodies whilst having sex can invigorate the moment for a one of a kind sexperience.

We have here some tips to spice up your own steamy shower sex (do it well!).

  1. Begin SLOW

Seek for a shower gel you mutually like and use it to alternate sponging each one off. Utilising a loafer or a sponge rather than your hands can just augment the anticipation. So, don’t use them! A skin to skin contact is hotter and more recommended when reaching each other.

  1. Pick a Style: DOGGIE Variations

Aside from the fact that doggie or rear entry is great for deeper penetration, guys would also cherish this view. Ladies can also benefit from the wall of the shower as it will give them great leverage to lean on whilst being rammed. Don’t forget that condoms are more breakable when using them in the water. Thus, only execute this if both of you have been tested or you’re on an alternate type of birth control.


First is to occupy the tub with countless bubbles. These bubbles can make the scene more exciting due to the fact that both couples couldn’t see what’s going on – break their inhibitions. Perhaps, the guy is fully erect!

  1. Don’t forget the ‘SLIPPERY SHOW’

Consider this as a GAME – aims to heighten the excitement. If there’s an adjustable shower head, a damsel can spray it to her clitoris or other erogenous zones as a way of teasing her guy. The lad should also pay attention. He must be able to follow where and how his babe sprayed the shower on those particular zones. When the show begins, expect for a romp that can be hot as hell!

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