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4 Animals That Have Sex (Or Show Love) In The Most Painful Ways

For most human beings (along with other animals) recreational sex is hailed as a highly-pleasurable and long-sought activity. Why? Perhaps you should be asking yourself that question! But for certain animal species, that is not exactly the case, because the act itself can generate a lot of physical harm, and can even be very fatal! Here’s a look at 4 animal species who have sex in the most painful of ways.

Aussie Marsupial  Mates With Multiple Partners, And Goes Blind After

If you’ve heard the song “Too Much Love Will Kill You” by the rock band Queen, you’ll definitely agree once you find out of the deadly sexual habits of the antechinus, a randy marsupial that’s found in Australia. And perhaps you’ll be so thankful that you were human too, and having a wonderful time with the lovely Female Escorts in Perth!

For starters, antechinus males have sex with multiple partners one after another, during the annual mating season, and this could even last up to 14 hours. After days of non-stop sex, the male antechinus  literally lose their hair, develop a lot of sores,and some even go blind!

Female Orb-Web Spider Eat Their Male Partners During Sex

Here’s another animal that literally loves their partners to death – female orb-web spiders! It’s because these terrifying female animals frequently eat their male partners during sex. However, many male orb-web spiders have developed an uncanny ability to snatch themselves from sure death by sex,  by detaching their genitals, which are called “palps”, and quickly run away before their female partners can devour them!

Male Feral Cats Have Penises Ringed With Rigid Spines

If you think that most cats have a wonderful time mating, because you hear them yelling and running wild in the rooftops, for female feral cats, sex can be real tortuous, because the males have a penis that’s ringed with dozens of very rigid spines, which rake the walls of the female feral cat’s vagina when the male withdraws.

But while the sex can be quite painful for female feral cats, the male cat’s spine-filled penis actually helps stimulate ovulation in females, and this is according to a  study that was published in the journal The Anatomical Record.

Male Bedbugs Deposit Their Sperm Using Needle-Like Penises

Male bed bugs were first discovered in 1913 to be using needle-like penises to literally wound, or puncture their female partner’s exoskeletons, whenever they could during sex. When the male bedbug’s  truly  sharp  penis punctures the female’s body, it deposits its sperm into the wound, which then travels through her body fluid to the ovaries.

This process is deemed a very successful strategy for males, as this ensures that the male bed bug’s  sperm won’t be rejected by their mate, although it can definitely be very painful for female bed bugs. Now aren’t you happy that you can have a more enjoyable, and truly pain-free erotic  experience with the hot and sexy Female Escorts in Perth!


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