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3 Things That Your Sex Therapist Or Counsellor Wished You’d Do More

With work, or family or school commitments hogging most of our regular schedules, many guys and girls today often forget to have – sex! According to sex therapists, the reality is that for most couples, sex happens only when the conditions for sex are met, and the individual is rested and relaxed. However, the problem is that stress and tremendous workloads are making many of us think of sex as something that we just have to check off our to-do lists. Here are 4 things that your sex therapist wished that you’d do more.

Openly Talk About Your Fetishes And Desires
Ask any woman out there, whether it’s your girlfriend, or your favourite Female Escorts In Perth, and they’ll perhaps tell you that how they wish their partner would be more game to talk about their fetishes and desires!

The truth is that if couples discuss the things beyond what they like in bed, their erotic life would be much better than what it is now. So, ask your partner whether she wants to be dominated, or prefers a submissive role. If couples felt more comfortable sharing their secret fantasies, this could open the doors to greater intimacy, excitement and tension!

Take Time To Schedule a Sex Date

Another thing that your sex expert would have wished he can tell you straight in your face, is that how he wished you could schedule a sex date! By scheduling an “Us Time”, it would be easier for couples to enjoy lots of touching, sensuality and good old-fashioned sex.

And by taking time out to explore each other for pleasure, couples will be able to break free from any sexual rut, and they’d be able to learn new sex techniques and positions too (as long as they stick to their commitments!).

Never Stop Experimenting

And when talking about sex, it always pays to keep experimenting. It’s because when you try something new, you’ll be able to learn new stuff, and you could spend more time experimenting with different sensations that can be very pleasurable, while at the same time you have the opportunity to fine-tune things, and elevate your erotic pleasure to newer levels.

Perhaps now’s the time you could start experimenting on your sexuality, by engaging in a refreshing Girlfriend Experience with the hot and sexy Female Escorts In Perth!

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